Articles | Volume 2, issue 2
Regular research article
01 Nov 2013
Regular research article |  | 01 Nov 2013

Early forest fire detection using low-energy hydrogen sensors

K. Nörthemann, J.-E. Bienge, J. Müller, and W. Moritz

Abstract. Most huge forest fires start in partial combustion. In the beginning of a smouldering fire, emission of hydrogen in low concentration occurs. Therefore, hydrogen can be used to detect forest fires before open flames are visible and high temperatures are generated. We have developed a hydrogen sensor comprising of a metal/solid electrolyte/insulator/semiconductor (MEIS) structure which allows an economical production. Due to the low energy consumption, an autarkic working unit in the forest was established. In this contribution, first experiments are shown demonstrating the possibility to detect forest fires at a very early stage using the hydrogen sensor.