Articles | Volume 3, issue 1
Regular research article
15 Jan 2014
Regular research article |  | 15 Jan 2014

New ferromagnetic core shapes for induction sensors

C. Coillot, J. Moutoussamy, M. Boda, and P. Leroy

Abstract. Induction sensors are used in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. One way to improve these is rigorous modelling of the sensor combined with a low voltage and current input noise preamplifier aiming to optimize the whole induction magnetometer. In this paper, we explore another way, which consists in the use of original ferromagnetic core shapes of induction sensors, which bring substantial improvements. These new configurations are the cubic, orthogonal and coiled-core induction sensors. For each of them we give modelling elements and discuss their benefits and drawbacks with respect to a given noise-equivalent magnetic induction goal. Our discussion is supported by experimental results for the cubic and orthogonal configurations, while the coiled-core configuration remains open to experimental validation. The transposition of these induction sensor configurations to other magnetic sensors (fluxgate and giant magneto-impedance) is an exciting prospect of this work.