Advanced functional materials for environmental monitoring and applications
Advanced functional materials for environmental monitoring and applications
Editor(s): M. Penza, A. Lloyd Spetz, A. Romano-Rodriguez, Y. Li, and M. Meyyappan
This Special Issue in Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems (JSSS) will consolidate the research in the newly emerging area of the functional materials for environmental sensors. Authors are invited to submit papers on the theoretical, technological and experimental aspects of the design, development, and validation of advanced materials and various types of novel sensors printed on diverse substrates, e.g. planar substrates, plastic, metal foils, paper etc. Submission of research/review papers is particularly encouraged.

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07 Apr 2015
Modelling of the response of acoustic piezoelectric resonators in biosensor applications – Part 1: The general theoretical analysis
M. V. Voinova
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 4, 137–142,,, 2015
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05 Mar 2015
Silicon micro-levers and a multilayer graphene membrane studied via laser photoacoustic detection
Z. Zelinger, P. Janda, J. Suchánek, M. Dostál, P. Kubát, V. Nevrlý, P. Bitala, and S. Civiš
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 4, 103–109,,, 2015
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04 Feb 2015
Defects and gas sensing properties of carbon nanotube-based devices
S. Baldo, V. Scuderi, L. Tripodi, A. La Magna, S.G. Leonardi, N. Donato, G. Neri, S. Filice, and S. Scalese
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 4, 25–30,,, 2015
04 Feb 2015
Luminescent determination of nitrite traces in water solutions using cellulose as sorbent
S. G. Nedilko, S. L. Revo, V. P. Chornii, V. P. Scherbatskyi, and M. S. Nedielko
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 4, 31–36,,, 2015
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16 Jan 2015
Development of a capacitive chemical sensor based on Co(II)-phthalocyanine acrylate-polymer/HfO2/SiO2/Si for detection of perchlorate
M. Braik, C. Dridi, M. Ben Ali, M. Ali, M. Abbas, M. Zabala, J. Bausells, N. Zine, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and A. Errachid
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 4, 17–23,,, 2015
06 Jan 2015
Catalytic metal-gate field effect transistors based on SiC for indoor air quality control
D. Puglisi, J. Eriksson, C. Bur, A. Schuetze, A. Lloyd Spetz, and M. Andersson
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 4, 1–8,,, 2015
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19 Dec 2014
Room temperature carbon nanotube based sensor for carbon monoxide detection
A. Hannon, Y. Lu, J. Li, and M. Meyyappan
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 349–354,,, 2014
10 Dec 2014
Carbon monoxide gas sensing properties of Ga-doped ZnO film grown by ion plating with DC arc discharge
S. Kishimoto, S. Akamatsu, H. Song, J. Nomoto, H. Makino, and T. Yamamoto
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 331–334,,, 2014
03 Dec 2014
Aerosol-assisted CVD synthesis, characterisation and gas-sensing application of gold-functionalised tungsten oxide
F. Di Maggio, M. Ling, A. Tsang, J. Covington, J. Saffell, and C. Blackman
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 325–330,,, 2014
24 Nov 2014
Characterization of ash particles with a microheater and gas-sensitive SiC field-effect transistors
C. Bur, M. Bastuck, A. Schütze, J. Juuti, A. Lloyd Spetz, and M. Andersson
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 305–313,,, 2014
30 Oct 2014
Catalytic and thermal characterisations of nanosized PdPt / Al2O3 for hydrogen detection
T. Mazingue, M. Lomello-Tafin, M. Passard, C. Hernandez-Rodriguez, L. Goujon, J.-L. Rousset, F. Morfin, and J.-F. Laithier
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 273–280,,, 2014
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21 Oct 2014
Selective detection of hazardous VOCs for indoor air quality applications using a virtual gas sensor array
M. Leidinger, T. Sauerwald, W. Reimringer, G. Ventura, and A. Schütze
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 253–263,,, 2014
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16 Oct 2014
Electrophoretic deposition of Au NPs on CNT networks for sensitive NO2 detection
E. Dilonardo, M. Penza, M. Alvisi, C. Di Franco, D. Suriano, R. Rossi, F. Palmisano, L. Torsi, and N. Cioffi
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 245–252,,, 2014
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09 Oct 2014
Devices based on series-connected Schottky junctions and β-Ga2O3/SiC heterojunctions characterized as hydrogen sensors
S. Nakagomi, K. Yokoyama, and Y. Kokubun
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 231–239,,, 2014
09 Oct 2014
A simple method to recover the graphene-based chemi-resistor signal
F. Fedi, F. Ricciardella, M. L. Miglietta, T. Polichetti, E. Massera, and G. Di Francia
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 241–244,,, 2014
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25 Sep 2014
Metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor self-test using Fourier-based impedance spectroscopy
M. Schüler, T. Sauerwald, and A. Schütze
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 213–221,,, 2014
25 Sep 2014
Aerosol-deposited BaFe0.7Ta0.3O3-δ for nitrogen monoxide and temperature-independent oxygen sensing
M. Bektas, D. Hanft, D. Schönauer-Kamin, T. Stöcker, G. Hagen, and R. Moos
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 3, 223–229,,, 2014
CC BY 4.0