Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
Regular research article
05 Feb 2015
Regular research article |  | 05 Feb 2015

Impedance spectroscopy characterization of an interdigital structure for continuous particle measurements in wood-driven heating systems

A. Weiss, M. Bauer, S. Eichenauer, E. A. Stadlbauer, and C.-D. Kohl

Abstract. In the course of the climate change and increased focus on CO2-neutral energy sources, the use of wood-driven small heating systems (SHS) becomes more important. But, their contribution to air pollution, especially particulate matter, is about as high as the emissions from car engines. The specific formation of harmful substances in wood fires and possible countermeasures by continuously operating sensor and control systems are covered.

Impedance spectra of interdigital electrode (IDE) structures are taken before and after mounting in wood-driven SHS to get information about the particles in the exhaust stream. It appears that the capacitive parts of the impedance spectra at a fixed frequency are appropriate for a fast signal evaluation. The good correlation with established offline measuring methods is discussed and the capability of thermal regeneration is demonstrated. The offline measurements of this work shall give the experimental basis for the development of online measurements in order to control the particle emissions of wood-driven SHS.