Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 9, 33–41, 2020

Special issue: Sensors and Measurement Systems 2019

J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 9, 33–41, 2020

Regular research article 07 Feb 2020

Regular research article | 07 Feb 2020

HoloPort – design and integration of a digital holographic 3-D sensor in machine tools

Tobias Seyler et al.

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Short summary
We present a digital holographic sensor system that is capable of measuring the complete topography of machined components with sub-micrometer precision directly inside a tooling machine. This contribution includes detailed information about the architecture of the wireless interferometric sensor HoloPort. Experimental results on milled parts show the performance of the system and illustrate possible inline applications as well as future perspectives for the sensor.