Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
Regular research article
08 Aug 2023
Regular research article |  | 08 Aug 2023

Development of a gas chromatography system coupled to a metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensor, with compensation of the temperature effects on the column for the measurement of ethene

Maximilian Koehne, Christopher Schmidt, Satnam Singh, Andreas Grasskamp, Tilman Sauerwald, and Gina Zeh

Model code and software

EPD-GC Satnam Singh

PeakDetect Mert Dede

Short summary
Continuous inspection of gases is increasingly important for process monitoring, like fruit ripening. This involves the detection of individual markers in complex gas mixtures, e.g., to indicate spoilage. Unfortunately, classical techniques are lab-bound and resource-intensive. Hence, small, low-cost systems are being developed. Thereto, we propose a sensor system, containing a non-heated gas separation unit and gas sensors combined with a compensation of surrounding temperature effects.