Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
Regular research article
16 Nov 2023
Regular research article |  | 16 Nov 2023

Wireless surface acoustic wave resonator sensors: fast Fourier transform, empirical mode decomposition or wavelets for the frequency estimation in one shot?

Angel Scipioni, Pascal Rischette, and Agnès Santori

Data sets

Data set for Wireless SAWR sensors: FFT, EMD or wavelets for the frequency estimation in one shot? Pascal Rischette, Angel Scipioni, and Agnès Santori

Short summary
Many applications which measure physical quantities rely on wireless surface acoustic wave sensors. The accuracy of this sensor depends directly on the measurement of its main frequency. This paper aims to compare three methods for this measurement in one shot: fast Fourier transform, discrete wavelet transform, and empirical mode decomposition. Results show that the choice of the method is conditioned by the disturbance level and that the wavelet method is the best way for harsh environments.