Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
Regular research article
18 Jun 2015
Regular research article |  | 18 Jun 2015

Magnetic noise contribution of the ferromagnetic core of induction magnetometers

C. Coillot, M. El Moussalim, E. Brun, A. Rhouni, R. Lebourgeois, G. Sou, and M. Mansour

Abstract. The performance of induction magnetometers, in terms of resolution, depends both on the induction sensor and the electronic circuit. To investigate accurately the sensor noise sources, an induction sensor, made of a ferrite ferromagnetic core, is combined with a dedicated low voltage and current noise preamplifier, designed in CMOS 0.35 μm technology. A modelling of the contribution of the ferromagnetic core to the noise through the complex permeability formalism is performed. Its comparison with experimental measurements highlight another possible source for the dominating noise near the resonance.