Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Regular research article
25 Apr 2023
Regular research article |  | 25 Apr 2023

Approximate sequential Bayesian filtering to estimate 222Rn emanation from 226Ra sources using spectral time series

Florian Mertes, Stefan Röttger, and Annette Röttger

Data sets

FlorianMertes/RadonDeconvolution: Version 1.0 (Release) F. Mertes

Model code and software

FlorianMertes/RadonDeconvolution: Version 1.0 (Release) F. Mertes

Short summary
In this work, a novel approach to deduce the release of the natural radioactive noble gas 222Rn from solid sources containing the isotope 226Ra is presented. Therein, supporting radioactivity measurements of the source are used in conjunction with a theoretical description of the dynamics. For radiation protection and environmental research, reliable and comparable 222Rn measurements, and therefore reference atmospheres of 222Rn, are needed. This work improves their realization.