Articles | Volume 5, issue 2
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18 Oct 2016
Regular research article |  | 18 Oct 2016

Sensor defect detection in multisensor information fusion

Jan-Friedrich Ehlenbröker, Uwe Mönks, and Volker Lohweg

Data sets

Sensor Defect Detection Datasets with Configuration Ehlenbröker, Jan-Friedrich; Mönks, Uwe; Lohweg, Volker

Typical Sensor Defects Dataset Ehlenbröker, Jan-Friedrich; Mönks, Uwe; Lohweg, Volker

Short summary
This paper presents a novel method for the detection of sensor defects. Here, the consistency between measurements of sensor groups are utilized for this method. The sensor groups are pre-determined by the structure of an existing sensor fusion algorithm, which is in turn used to determine the health of a monitored system (e.g. a machine). Defect detection results of the presented method for different test cases and the method's capability to detect a number of typical sensor defects are shown.
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