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13 Mar 2023
Regular research article |  | 13 Mar 2023

Energy analysis of a wireless sensor node powered by a Wiegand sensor

Jonas Wiegner, Hanno Volker, Fabian Mainz, Andreas Backes, Michael Loeken, and Felix Huening

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Felix Huening, Holger Heuermann, Franz-Josef Wache, and Rami Audisho Jajo
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The paper describes a novel energy-harvesting system based on the Wiegand effect. The energy provided by this harvester is analysed and correlated to the required energy to start a microcontroller and perform some wireless data transfer. The energy consumption is analysed in detail down to component level. A demonstrator including an additional sensor and wireless transmitter was built, proving that sufficient energy is provided by the harvester for the wireless transfer of the sensor data.