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Regular research article
30 Jan 2020
Regular research article |  | 30 Jan 2020

A novel non-invasive, non-conductive method for measuring respiration

Jan Ringkamp, Philipp Radler, Philipp Lebhardt, and Jens Langejürgen

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Respiration parameter determination with non-obstructive methods
Sven Fisahn, Christian Siebauer, Jan Ringkamp, Kirsten J. Dehning, Stefan Zimmermann, and Jens Langejürgen
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We present a novel method for measuring dynamic changes in respiration parameters due to breathing based on the coupling of two ultra-high-frequency antennae. Our sensor system shows a high reproducibility and a timing similar to a conventional flow sensor. The presented method is a promising candidate to overcome some of the most important technical burdens of measuring respiratory parameters and might be used as a trigger for patient–ventilator synchronization in infants and neonates.