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Regular research article
06 Feb 2017
Regular research article |  | 06 Feb 2017

Fibre optic sensing system for monitoring of current collectors and overhead contact lines of railways

Kerstin Schröder, Manfred Rothhardt, Wolfgang Ecke, Uwe Richter, André Sonntag, and Hartmut Bartelt

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Roman Kruglov, Gregor Saur, and Rainer Engelbrecht
J. Sens. Sens. Syst., 11, 161–169,,, 2022
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Fibre optic sensors are excellent tools for monitoring (with) high-voltage current collectors. They are easily integrated into the collector strip and specialized for detection of events like hits on the strip. The sensing system can be used in regular trains and make monitoring of the overhead contact line routine, which is done "along the way", helping not only to prevent accidents by small intruders, but also allowing the prediction of wear and is used to optimize service and repair cycles.